Like all organisations, Turning Wheel Buddhist Temple has a duty to safeguard any adults or children with whom we have contact. We take this responsibility very seriously, and are committed to safeguarding all who come to the temple. Ensuring the physical, psychological and sexual safety of everyone involved in the activities and services we provide is an expression of the wisdom and compassion taught by the Buddha.

If you have a concern regarding safeguarding:

  • You can talk about your concern to the Resident Monk, Rev. Aiden.
  • You can write to the temple or email via our contact page with your concern
  • For issues relating to children, you can contact our Child Safeguarding Officer, Kevin Commons by email via the Safeguarding contacts page.
  • For issues relating to the safeguarding of adults you can contact our Safeguarding Officer, Tim Pearce by email via the Safeguarding contacts page.
  • If you would feel more comfortable speaking with someone who is not directly connected with the temple, we also have volunteer contacts from our wider congregation and non-resident monks. Their details are publicly available, and their names and contact details are as follows:

Rev. Master Mugō White
OBC Lay Ministry Advisor
Tel: 0843 713 0086

Karen Richards
OBC Lay Minister
Tel: 0843 713 0068

Rev. Master Saidō Kennaway
OBC European Advisor
Tel: 01952 615574

Neil Rothwell
OBC Lay Minister
Tel: 0843 713 0076

These details are also available in the ethics section of the OBC website

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For more information please see our Safeguarding Children Policy, Child Protection Code of Conduct and Safeguarding Adults Policy and Guidelines. These are available to read in the Common Room at the temple, and you can also download them as pdf files here:

Download the Safeguarding Children Policy here (57kB):

Download the Child Protection Code of Conduct here (41kB):

Download the Safeguarding Adults Policy and Guidelines here (66kB):