The temple would welcome donations of the following items:

Household items

Thank you to all those who have donated items to the temple. We are very grateful for donations of any household or other items that the temple might be able to use. Please contact Rev. Aiden if you have an item to offer but are not sure whether it would be useful.

Donations of Food

Offering food is a traditional way to support a monk, and any donations of vegetarian food are most welcome. In particular:

  • fresh fruit and vegetables (except garlic or peppers)
  • bread
  • tins of tomatoes, and cooking sauces
  • milk, cheese, margarine, eggs and yoghurt.
  • nuts, and nut or seed spreads
  • grains such as porridge oats and rice, pasta

Tools and Garden Equipment

If you have any hand-tools, power-tools or other workshop equipment that you would be willing to offer to the temple, they would be very gratefully received. Also any supplies such as timber, sheet materials, screws, nuts and bolts etc.

Gardening tools and related equipment would also be very welcome.

Thank you for your generosity in supporting the temple