What we would like to provide

We recognise that there may be a number of barriers which could affect access to the temple for people, particularly for those with physical and sensory impairments.

We try to be aware of any potential barriers to accessibility, and to do our best to accommodate individual needs, within the limitations of our resources, so that anyone who wishes to can come and practice Buddhism and meditation.

What we can offer in practice

At the moment disabled access to the temple is rather limited. We are renting the property that we are in, so we are not really able to adapt and improve it. Our meditation hall is on the ground floor, and access to that is fairly easy. Although our common room is upstairs, we have also used the meditation hall for discussions etc., particularly when there are larger groups, and we would certainly do this whenever there was anyone who was unable to make it upstairs to the common room. More of a limitation is that we don't have a downstairs toilet, and unfortunately we are unable to do anything about that in our current location. We would like to move to a larger property that would give us better facilities, but for the time being our facilities are quite limited.

Visiting the temple

We are sorry that we are not able to offer better facilities and easier access the temple at the moment. However, if you have a physical disability and feel that you might be able to come to the temple with the facilities that we have, we would certainly do all that we can to make that work for you. We look forward to welcoming you to the temple.