The Internet and Training with Distraction

The nature of distraction is such that when we are distracted we don’t even realise it. Only when we come back to awareness again do we realise. Because of this, it is hard to investigate distraction, so how do we find a way of working with this area?

This article explores some of the issues around distraction, and uses the example of browsing the web to look at ways in which we can train with the distracted mind.

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What Is It About “Working” That Makes It “Working Meditation”?

One way in which meditation can be brought into all the different areas of our life is through the practice of what we call ‘working meditation’. But what do we mean by working meditation? Is there a difference between ‘working meditation’ and ‘working’? Most people in the world are working — are they doing working meditation? If not, what is the distinction that we’re drawing?

This article explores working meditation, and how it relates to everyday activities. It looks at the mind of meditation whilst working, and discusses whether this is the same as ‘mindfulness practice’.

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