The Nottingham Serene Reflection Meditation Group follows the practice of Zen Buddhism within the OBC, and meets on Monday evenings in central Nottingham - see below for details. Meetings are from 7.30pm to 9.15pm.

Members of the Nottingham Group sitting in meditation

Meetings usually comprise either two meditation periods followed by a discussion on Buddhist practice related to our every day lives, or one meditation period and a recorded Dharma talk. Rev. Aiden visits the group for one of the meetings each month.

The Nottingham group offers a regular time and place for formal meditation and teaching, often with people who have been following the practice for many years.

Meditation instruction is available by agreement with one of the group contacts.

Venues for meetings

The Monday group evenings are held at the Tiger Boe Centre, 7 Clarendon Street, NG1 5HS. There are no meetings on Bank Holidays, and please see the colour-coded calendar below for full details (click to enlarge). Meetings are from 7.30pm to 9.15pm.

The Nottingham Group Calendar for 20120

You can also download the calendar here (43kB):

Day retreats in 2019

We have had several very successful day retreats in Nottingham in the last few years, and we have scheduled two for 2019, on Saturday the 27th of April and Saturday the 12th of October. Both of these will be at Tiger Boe, and are marked on the calendar above.

Everyone is welcome to these retreats, whether you are from Nottingham, Leicester, or anywhere else in the East Midlands or beyond.

Visits from Rev. Aiden

Rev. Aiden visits the Nottingham group meeting roughly once a month. The next meetings that he will be coming to are:

How to find out more about the Nottingham Group

Nottingham Group website

The Nottingham Group website

You are very welcome to come along to the group, whether you are an experienced meditator or are new to the practice. To find out more, you can visit the Nottingham group's own website.

You can also contact Ruth on 0115 837 1877, or Ted on 0115 960 3450, or email them both via the contact form below.

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